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Celtic Raven CD

“Cherish the Seasons” is a musical journey from the changing colours of autumn, into the cooler months of winter – often a time of reflection. We venture into the joy and hope of spring and the bounty of summer…
These are our favorite songs of nature and her seasons, natures need to renew and replenish.  This often mirrors our own need for change, the chance to grow and our need for unconditional love on this great journey to enlightenment…

Fly with the Ravens…


celtic raven harp music cd

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Track Listing:

1. The Voice (Brendan Graham) 2.55
2. Autumn Leaves ( J Mercer/J Kozma/J Prevert) 3.26
3. Hand in Hand (Martin Furey) 4.20
4. Raven (Mamet & Pidgeon) 4.11
5. Gloomy Winters (Traditional Scottish) 3.43
6. Ripples in the Rockpool (Shaun Davey) 3.37
7. Thirteen Wishes (Martin Furey) 6.24
8. Bonnie Winds (Martin Furey) 4.27
9. Aotearoa (Dougie McLean - Caledonia) 3.50
10. Mummers Dance (Loreena McKennitt) 3.50
11. Summers A Pleasant Time (Traditional Scottish) 4.07
12. Summerfly (C Wheeler & M O’Connell) 3.32
13. Trouble in these Fields (N Griffiths & R West) 3.45

plus bonus track ... “Raven in the Storm

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Raven – Vocals & Celtic Harp
Helen Lowe – Flute, Low D Whistle, Tin Whistle, Bodhran, Shakers, Vocals
Penny Williams – Viola & Cello